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Thank you, Silly Yak Bakery. I have had celiac disease for 25 years. I remember those few years (actually, probably ten years!) of miserable, gluten-free baked goods that tasted like something sawdust. So early on, I gave up and bought a bread maker. But even then, there were so few flours available to the consumer (brown rice flour and white rice flour), that it was pretty boring stuff.

Celiac disease awareness has come a long, long way since those days. Commercial pasta and baked goods companies now allow us silly yaks to buy our gluten-free baked goods at a very reasonable cost. We have a lot of choices, which brings me to the point of this review. I live in northern Wisconsin and discovered the Silly Yak Bakery about 5 years ago. It makes the 3 1/2 hour drive for a shopping trip in Madison totally worthwhile! The varieties of GF bread at the Silly Yak are amazing, and they keep getting better every year! I don't think you can find a wider selection in the state of Wisconsin. (Your GF sourdough bread does NOT fall apart when you make sandwiches... which is the ultimate compliment when it comes to GF bread!) And if you don't have a shopping trip on your schedule, the cost of having your baked goods shipped to your home is super cheap ($8 from Madison to Minocqua!).

Eileen L.
May 2016

Received your lovely box today. Had a beautiful panini for lunch with white rice bread.... yum. Was absolutely wowed by the size of the cookies and scone in particular. Some of your competitors' cookies look kind of puny in comparison. Haven't tried the cookies yet; trying not to go crazy and eat everything. The bread was more dense than most non-gluten-free kinds, but that was fine, especially since it didn't taste weird and it did not fall apart, as some breads seem to do. I made my panini on my George Foreman grill and it came out "Betty Crocker" beautiful.

Shirlea R.
January 2016

I recently ordered from Silly Yak and have to tell you I absolutely loved all the products! I have been so disappointed by many of the big GF brands in the past, but your breads, cookies, and doughnuts are so moist! I love that they have a home-baked flavor and look to them. It's so great to have a gluten-free option that's easy to order and affordable. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be ordering again!

Natalie E.
September 2015

Hello. I would just like to say WOW! Your food is beyond delicious. I am the pickiest eater and within the past couple months I was diagnosed celiac (which is a difficult combo). I live in Kansas City and as far as gluten-free restaurants and bakeries go, we have basically nothing to choose from. I found your site by chance (or fate) and I was so excited. Firstly your prices are so reasonable and that is greatly appreciated, and secondly you have a great variety. I couldn't find any other site with better options. I ordered a cherry pie, a doughnut, a cinnamon roll and pepperoni bites. Each thing was even more delicious and I made sure to take pictures and post reviews on each delicious item. I hope that this little part will get you more business because you deserve it. I cannot wait to order more. I am the only celiac in my family so I was stuck on basically salad and chicken (BORING). You guys have given me actual options and to be able to eat a cinnamon roll!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Jewel G.
July 2014

Hello, I just received my order today. I live in Illinois and I wanted to say thank you for getting it to me so fast. I have been craving fresh-baked goods for a while, but since I found out that I had a sensitivity to gluten, casein, and soy, it has been a difficult journey. I have purchased from Whole Foods, but I wanted that fresh bakery taste.You gave me just that, so THANK YOU! Delicious and healthy for me.

Matasha M.
April 2014

I have been told that your products are amazingly delicious. I am currently overseas and have not been able to try them for myself. My wife has celiac disease and cannot eat any wheat products and we have a 2-year-old who we are keeping GF in case the trait was passed down to him (since he is to young to tell us himself if he is having tummy troubles). I wanted to surprise them with some treats and, after a lot of searching online, decided your products had the best chance of being great. I was informed by my wife that they were indeed delectable and that our son devoured most of everything. I want to thank you for being able to ship your products nationwide and I will be sure to use you more and more.

Steve W.
October 2013

Over Labor Day weekend I made my first trip to Madison and must say that your baked goods were the highlight of my weekend. I have been gluten-free for almost two years and had forgotten how much I love a good blueberry muffin :) Thank you!

Silly Yak Bakery is truly unique and there is nothing quite like it where I am from (Charlotte, NC, and Washington, DC). Although I haven't done any formal market-sizing, with the increase in the number of people keeping gluten-free lifestyles along with the lack of fresh gluten-free baked goods, I have a feeling your products would be a tremendous hit on the East Coast!

Please do send my compliments to the master bakers who made my stomach and my taste buds oh-so-happy!

Kristin R.
September 2013

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your wonderful bread and doughnuts! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in December and have been managing pretty good on my new diet. Doughnuts are one thing that I have been craving and have not found anywhere else. Your vanilla doughnut was awesome! My husband and I were visiting Madison this weekend and went for the Farmers' Market and came across your booth. The honey oat bread I got tasted wonderful this evening, just like a beer bread I used to make! We will be back in Madison in August and you can bet a stop in your bakery will be on our list of things to do. Thanks again for pleasing my taste buds!

Jennifer L.
May 2013

You guys are FANTASTIC. My Mom (and I) enjoyed all of the gluten-free goodies! Everything I ordered from y'all was so tasty. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and yummy baked goods. I'll definitely recommend y'all to all my gluten-free Tennessee friends.

Lindsay W.
May 2013

My mother-in-law has Celiac's Disease so severely that it impedes upon her everyday life. My husband and I have scoured the internet for products that she cannot only eat but truly enjoy. Your freshly baked goods were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! She loved everything she received and told me the hardest part was not eating everything at one sitting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Nancy B.
January 2013

I just wanted to write to give you some feedback on how fantastic I think your bakery is! I recently moved to Madison from the East Coast, where there are a good amount of gluten-free options, so I was excited when I heard about Silly Yak. I was even more excited after I tried the bread and treats! You make the best gluten-free bread I have ever tasted, hands down. Thank you and keep it up!

Annie V.
September 2012

Thank you, Silly Yak Bakery, for the amazing cookie and the list of GF friendly places in Madison! I am visiting from Canada and traveling is usually quite challenging.

Kate B.
August 2012

Hello! We just received our first order of your products. My husband and daughter (both Celiac) couldn't wait to try the goodies that were in the box. I am not Celiac, but all I can say is IMPRESSIVE. Wish we would have found you sooner! My daughter went nuts over the brownie and is planning to have a doughnut for breakfast tomorrow morning. My husband broke into the doughnuts right away and couldn't believe what he was eating! For dinner, we had grilled hamburgers and he immediately switched out his other GF bun for the sourdough bun. I will definitely be placing future orders. We do have a special request and that is hot dog buns. Please, oh please, add hot dog buns! We are members of our local Celiac support group and I will definitely tell the group about you. Thank you.

Krista S.
August 2012

Your GF pumpkin bread is outstanding. I ate 3 pieces in one sitting.

Theresa W.
July 2012

I really enjoy all of the products I have tried and the customer service is second to none. Thank you! I have been GF since 1987 and appreciate the freshness and the flavor.

Raymond J.
June 2012

Hello there :) I just received my goodie box and dug right in. I toasted the cranberry orange toasting bread... YUM! Thank you and I look forward to doing much more business. Your food is great and your efforts in showing appreciation for and towards your customers are phenomenal :)

Faith F.
May 2012

I am from Santa Barbara County, CA, and while visiting family in Madison we found the bakery last week and I LOVE it! It's been years since I have had great-tasting bakery items... I stopped eating them because of the texture and taste. YUCKY! Silly Yak makes the BEST-tasting bakery items I have EVER HAD! Get off the fence and give them a try! The shipping option is wonderful!

Teri B.
April 2012

My order arrived last night! LOVE IT! The bread is beautiful and such wonderful treats! Thank you so much!

Roxi H.
March 2012

I've been wanting to contact you and thank you for the wonderful package that I received through the Gluten-free Saver. I was so excited... It was like opening a Christmas gift! My kids thought it was funny. Everything tastes delicious! I will certainly be ordering from you in the future. Thank you for making great-tasting gluten-free food at an affordable price.

March 2012

Just got my sample package from Gluten-free Saver! OMG! My family of 6 GF eaters were in HEAVEN! We will be regular customers for sure! LOVE IT! Thanks so much! Two of my faves: garlic cheese bread and the coffee chocolate chip scone! Can't wait to try all the amazing selections you have!

Pamela V.
March 2012

My wife Anna and I got the Gluten-free Savers bread package the other day and it is the best bread, scones, cookies, and muffins we have ever had! Thank you.

Jon C.
March 2012

Just got our box of samples from the Gluten-free Saver yesterday. You have a new customer here! My husband was wowed by what he has tried. He had the cheddar garlic bread with ham and cheese and LOVED IT. He ate the raspberry muffin this morning and was hooked. You do it right, Silly Yak! Can't wait to try more!

Nancy S.
March 2012

I just received my sampler package today. We have tried many brands and several fresh gluten-free bakeries which have left us resigned to accepting that some foods were just never going to be the same again. We were hopeful when trying your foods, but not expecting too much. We were all amazed by the flavor and texture of the breads and cookies. We have not yet tried the muffin or scones, but are excited to experience those in the morning. My daughter chose to have a sandwich for dinner tonight because she was so excited to finally have bread that tasted the way it should! Thank you for a wonderful product, and we look forward to trying your many different products! I also wanted to comment on the brilliance of your bundle options. This is going to be a very convenient way to send great care packages to my two older children in college (both also with celiac).

Alicia N.
February 2012

I just got my order in the mail today -- a sampler pack -- and everything looks delicious! I did try a bite of one of the snickerdoodle cookies and I have to say, it was the BEST COOKIE I think I've ever eaten. Can't wait to try the other items :) Thanks so much!!

Lisa A.
February 2012

Just got my box of goodies from the Gluten-free Saver deal a couple weeks ago -- and HOLY SMOKES -- I think I'm going to marry this snickerdoodle cookie... YUM!!! Can't wait to dive into the rest of the goodies!

Katrinia G.
February 2012

I just got my Gluten-free Saver deal today. We made French toast with the cinnamon bread and my family loved it. My son loves the snickerdoodle cookies. Can't wait to try more.

Susan W.
February 2012

I just received my first mail order package from the Silly Yak Bakery and the brownies are incredible! I also enjoyed toast made from the classic white rice bread for breakfast. Highly recommended and I will be ordering again!

Lucinda C.
February 2012

Got my Gluten-free Saver package yesterday... good lord, so delicious! The cookies are so soft, and the SCONES! Thank you for making such a quality product! :)

Christin L.
February 2012

Your bakery is very good. Thank you for making me not go crazy following the Celiac's Diet and again able to enjoy my sweets.

Julie S.
January 2012

I received an order from you Friday. It was a great way to ring in the New Year! My daughter has been so excited eating her donuts with sprinkles, and the cinnamon rolls are wonderful! We have a few more things to try, but so far everything is really good and a great gluten-free treat! Thank you!

Amy S.
January 2012

I wish I lived closer to enjoy every week. I ordered and had it shipped. You're awesome and I truly enjoyed all of the bakery! I finally feel like I didn't have to give up taste when I was diagnosed with Celiac's. Thank you!

Julie L.
January 2012

I was recently diagnosed with IBS, and trying a gluten-free diet has really helped. As a hungry college teen, I've been very frustrated with switching over to a gluten-free diet. My dad and I stumbled upon The Silly Yak Bakery this morning and I am in LOVE. Your pizza crust is delicious! Thank you for making good-tasting, gluten-free products that even a ravenous teen can eat!

Anna B.
January 2012

I just wanted to thank you for making my Christmas a lot easier to tolerate with my Celiac's. Your bakery was awesome and very delicious. I am recommending you to all my friends here in Illinois that suffer from allergies. I wish you were closer for me to just come into your bakery and buy things on a regular basis. I will be ordering again. Thank you so much!

Julie S.
December 2011

I got my order last night and was so excited! The cookies are just beautiful and delicious too. And my blueberry scone was a real treat this morning. Looking forward to eating the rest of my stash, but hoping I can make it last a little while at least. Thanks so much, Silly Yak!

Lindsay R.
December 2011

This place is awesome... Just went today and bought some bread, cookies, and buns... I will definitely travel again from Milwaukee on a regular basis!

Summer R.
November 2011

Hi Holly,

I was in on Tuesday and got a loaf of sourdough. Susan and I tasted it and loved it!

Some comments:

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay area for a number of years (pre-gluten-free), I missed the sourdough bread (as has been obvious!). Your bread took a giant step towards fulfilling my yearning. I can't deny that it's not the same as the "real deal" out there, but you came a long way. The texture is probably the biggest difference. Susan really liked the texture (we toasted it), and so did I.

Bottom line: I REALLY like what you've created, Holly, and I will eagerly be buying it regularly. Thank you for your efforts and for finally achieving it!

Alan S.
September 2011

Thank you! I just received my order.

I had a loaf of your bread that my parents purchased on a recent visit to Minnesota. I have searched around to find the classic rice here in Florida as I had given up having anything with taste for the past several years. I have tried all kinds of breads from every gluten-free store I could find with no success of finding something with texture and taste and not weighing ten pounds per loaf.

I opened my package and ate a snickerdoodle right away. In reading others comments, people without celiac disease take wonderful taste in baked goods for granted! I could not believe it was gluten-free as it tasted so normal! It was fabulous. I have not had cookies for years as most are very gritty. The cinnamon swirl bread was heavenly, especially toasted. :) I actually had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch today as well.

Please continue with these marvelous products. I will be checking out your site for other products as well!

Thank you cannot express remotely what a blessing you are to those of us with celiac disease...

Melanie Z.
September 2011

Some of the best products I've tried. I have been GF since 1987.

Raymond J.
September 2011

Just got my first shipment of gluten-free bread products; yum, so fresh, arrived in good shape and on time.

Wanda C.
September 2011

I have heard about your bakery for a long time, but had never made the move to get some of your items. I saw your booth at the Madison farmers' market and bought a few things. IT BLEW ME AWAY! I had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich with your spinach and feta bread, enjoyed a scone for breakfast as I walked the market, and have been eating toast for breakfast this week like a "normal" person! I tried the honey rice and spinach/feta breads, lemon poppy seed muffin, and blueberry scone. All were incredible. Thank you thank you thank you!

Katalin S.
September 2011

I just bought your bread from Fresh and Natural Foods in Hudson, WI, today and had the garlic cheese bread with my spaghetti tonight and it was AMAZING! Can't wait to try the cinnamon swirl bread for breakfast tomorrow! Now I'm going to try and convince Tailor Made Nutrition to start carrying your products too! :)

Tracy D.
September 2011

Your bread products are absolutely wonderful! Healthy, nutritious, tasty, and of excellent quality. I began with trial size of three kinds of hamburger buns and then narrowed it down and ordered bread and buns. Also, I have contacted two other acquaintances regarding your products and they are excited and interested.

Also, thank you for the honesty in shipping costs. I saved $3.00 last time using Spee-Dee.

Marilyn S.
August 2011

I was so excited last weekend to find your store just about a half a mile from where we were staying at the Hampton. Had it not been for a wrong turn attempting to get to the Trek Store, I would have missed you. I purchased two loaves of bread, a sugar cookie mix, a jalapeņo cheddar roll and a tie-dye T-shirt! I know this sounds funny, but I walked out of there with tears in my eyes after having found a bakery that provided high-quality, good-tasting bread!

Thanks again for doing what you do! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that it means the world to me!

Penny S.
August 2011

When I did my monthly shopping there, you had Bavarian Bread. I have to say, it was awesome. I have not had a Reuben sandwich in about 7 years. I got all my GF ingredients together and made the most delicious sandwich ever. Thank you for making all the GF items you do. You make life so close to normal for us who suffer from celiac/gluten intolerance. Thank you so much. See you in August!

Mary J.
July 2011

I purchased a GF lemon burst cookie at the Farmers' Market today. OMG it was wonderful. If this was an experiment for a new flavor, GREAT job! I think your GF products are evolving with time. Thank you again.

Rita M.
July 2011

I thought you might like to hear this story. I was at an event last night that served cake. Three of your little square gluten-free cakes were served alongside "regular" sheet cakes, homemade. Several people who are not gluten-intolerant had a piece of both and declared that your cake was better than the regular cake!

Lara M.
March 2011

I love your breads. They are the best gluten-free products I have ever tasted.

Linda F.
February 2011

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart and stomach for such DIVINE products. I had been a very non-compliant gluten-free patient before I found your site on a random search. I have never tasted such wonderful gluten-free baked goods and the selection is over the moon. I have shared and told everyone I know about your bakery (those that are gluten-free and those that are not) and all just LOVE your products. Thank you again for such special treats. I am a customer for LIFE.

PS: It wasn't EASY sharing but your products are SO good I could not keep them all to myself.

Jean L.
February 2011

I found your website by doing an internet search. I recently ordered a loaf of bread and some muffins. Everything was amazing. I live in a small town in northeast Ohio and we don't have any local bakeries that make gluten-free bakery. I will definitely be ordering again from you. I have been without bakery for so long and you can't tell that your muffins are gluten-free. They were soft and delicious. I just wanted to write and let you know that you guys are awesome and it is nice to find a bakery that makes awesome fresh gluten-free goodies. Thank you.

Jodie L.
February 2011

When I did a search for gluten-free cookies back in November, your cookie page came up and I saved it to my "Favorites" for future use. I ventured into your "Bakery Bundles" for the first time last week. This morning I took a few minutes to peruse your entire site. I didnīŋŊt realize that you are a certified gluten-free establishment... and a woman-owned business as well. Kudos x 2!

By the way, I also sent my nephew in California (who had been taken off gluten during some allergy tests) a dozen cookies in his Christmas box. It turns out he is not allergic to wheat, etc., but he told me to feel free to send Silly Yak cookies any time. Quite a compliment from that self-proclaimed "cookie connoisseur."

Jean W.
January 2011

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